Administrative tasks for Commercial Dept.

Equipo Experto is made up of professionals specialised in different areas, selected after an exhaustive talent recruitment process.


The advantages of being able to select our team of experts as external collaborators tailored to your needs are manifold:

      Immediate incorporation into the project.

      Reduction of salary and bureaucratic costs for both recruitment and termination of services.

      They are specialists who keep abreast of the latest developments, trends and tools in their sectors.

      They are used to working as a team and will adapt perfectly to your team.

      They will provide you with an objective, external perspective that is valuable to your business.

      You can choose only the professionals you need.

      We adjust to your budget.

For this reason, we would like to be at your service as a support to

Power Point preparation.

Nowadays it is essential for companies to visually sell their products or services, so having a perfect commercial presentation is essential. Presentations must be of high quality, simple and solve all the doubts that your client may have. Commercial presentations are essential working elements for sales representatives.

Preparation of prospect lists.

Creating an effective lead database is a key component to growing your customer base and generating leads. A lead database consists of an organised file of your leads, qualified according to various reference criteria, such as industry, location, etc...

CRM management.

A CRM offers a 360º vision of your company, facilitates the control of each activity and allows you to know which is the pattern that your customers follow to complete the purchase. With a CRM you will have immediate access to statistics, campaigns, results and status of your customers' behaviour.

Catalogue updates.

Excellent option to present your products or services to your target audience. They are an indispensable tool for sales teams, because they can share all the information effortlessly, and for buyers as they use it as a reference when making a purchase decision.

Database maintenance.

A database improves your ability to communicate with the right customer. It provides your sales team with valuable information, as they can see which products or services work and which do not. Having an outdated database is a waste of time and effort as it only causes you to chase dead leads.


A copywriter is a professional writer responsible for writing the copy used in marketing and promotional materials. Without copywriters, companies would not be able to share their messages with potential customers to expand their market, nor with existing customers to keep them engaged. Source Awai.

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