About us

Actually, it's not about us. It's about you.

  • Because you want your marketing allows you to achieve more saless.
  • Because you want to offer personalised experiences to your customers that make them feel special and build customer loyalty.
  • Because you want to know that your budget is well spent and generates results.

Because of you, Equipo Experto was born.

Marketing is exciting.

A powerful tool that can transform businesses: not only save them from a crisis like this one, but lead them to unexpected successes in spite of it.

But all too often, clients like you don't get the results they deserve.

They pay someone who undertakes to take care of everything, and, as the big man is the small man, they get nothing out of it.

Whether everything is going well or not, it makes no sense to put a penny more.

For this reason we specialise in direct marketing: because we can offer measurable data that allow us to know if the strategy is correct and the commercial actions are bearing fruit.

So we can prove it to our customers, to you.

Because we want to accountable to you every month, we want to be able to show you how things are going.

And if we don't get the results you want, no contract or committed long-term investment should hold you back.

Because your business is important to us.

For all these reasons we have put together a team with that philosophy: We share the same values, passion for marketing, results orientation and professional ethics.

These values make us do our best in our work, they tell us who we should hire and which clients we should work for.

While each of us is a consummate expert in his or her field, it is clear to us that no one is better than the team.

We know that we will succeed if we make you succeed.

We want to understand your business objectives and will take them into account in every decision we make. We want to hear from you.

We will not offer you false expectations or unrealistic promises.

We will be honest and transparent in setting out what results you can expect from our services.

We will explain what we can do for you and we will keep our word.

We want you to leave your competition behind, we want your business to be a reference in your sector.

We treat your business as if it were our own.